Install StartSSL certificate to Webmin

StartSSLThis guide provide step-by-step on how to install StartSSL certificate to Webmin so that we can access to the Wemin Control Panel with a signed https address.

  1. First, if the private key is created by StartSSL and password-protected, we should decrypt it:[bash]openssl rsa -in -out[/bash]
  2. Combined private keys and certificates to have webmin-compatible pem files:[bash]cat >
    cat ca.pem >> startSSL_chained.pem[/bash]
  3. Open and edit the /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf and point the SSL information to the above generated pem files (remember to backup this file first so we can go back if there is any problem):[bash]keyfile=/home/ssl-storage/startssl/
  4. Restart webmin and access to see the green web-address bar 🙂


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