2024 New Year Resolutions

This year, I’m excited to revive my blog with regular posts about my adventures in technology. My 2024 new year resolutions are diverse and ambitious: I may add more goals as the year progresses. As we wrap up this year, I extend my warmest wishes to everyone who stumbles upon […]

2024 happy new year

Load Testing with Locust

You might be familiar with load testing tools such as Apache Benchmark (ab), siege, Apache JMeter and cloud services such as BlazeMeter, LoadImpact,, etc. I tried many other tools, and found that there is no tool that completely satisfies me: ab and siege are too plain and simple without scenario, JMeter needs time […]

GitLab docker on Ubuntu

Today I decided to move my self-hosted gitlab instance to Docker so that I will not need to reinstall and configure lots of things when migrating from one host to another host. So I blog this entry to note steps to install gitlab docker on Ubuntu. Install Docker CE (or […]