Yearly Archives: 2012

[News] – Twitter, PayPal reveal database performance

This excellent article talks about database performance on very big system at Twitter and Paypal. The article is originated from Driving big performance using MySQL Engineers at Twitter, Paypal have joined Facebook in offering a look under the hood of the massive MySQL deployments that drive their web services. Database […]

Apache – Nginx – PHP – MySQL – Some configuration notes

This article mentions show popular configuration notes in popular softwares on PHP-based server: Apache, Nginx, PHP, and MySQL. 1. MySQL Should use MySQLTunner tool to analyze query_cache_size parameter is used to allocate an amount of memory to cache the frequently executed queries and return the result set back to the client. E.g.: 128M […]

Location aware DNS with Bind

This article provides basic background about location aware DNS and how to setup it to work with Bind. Article can be found at Geolocation-aware DNS with Bind. This can be referred to Bind-GeoIP and GeoDNS Bind Patch. Some bash script can be found at Can also refer to the topic “How to build […]

Load Sharing with DNS

This article discusses on how to do Load sharing with DNS (Domain Name System). Introduction: A DNS based approach is a classical approach to sharing the load between multiple servers. DNS responds to domain name look-up requests issued by clients and returns the corresponding IP address. DNS is an Internet […]