Is it time for PHP7?

php-7As starting developed from beginning of 2014, PHP7 (or PHP-NG) is the most expected release from the time I started working on PHP (version 3.x) due to its major improvement on performance for the native build. As recent testing result on Reddit, it shown that there was only 1 fail for the unit testing process. So is it ready for production use?

Current performance testing shown a excellent in performance as follows:

[bash]PHP 5.4 = Time: 6.03 seconds, Memory: 104.50Mb
PHP 5.5 = Time: 6.05 seconds, Memory: 105.25Mb
PHP 5.6 = Time: 8.05 seconds, Memory: 104.50Mb
PHP 7 = Time: 1.31 seconds, Memory: 72.00Mb[/bash]

I myself have never spent time testing PHP-NG previously due to the fact that there are many incompatible issues during 2014. As it might be ready for one of the most popular/emerging PHP framework (Laravel), I will plan to work with this version in next 1 – 2 weeks. It is really tempting to see its performance comparing to previous versions 🙂

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