PHP CacheTool – A Cache Management CLI

If you are dealing with various cache, you might find that a CLI tools for viewing status and doing management works is a great idea. You will no longer need to restart your PHP-FPM pool for opcode/apc cache invalidation. You also do not need to write a stupid PHP file and run on the browser to invalidate the cache. These are very boring works! So you can try PHP CacheTool – A Cache Management via CLI.

First, you can visit the CacheTool github page at I am a bit lazy, so I do not want to reinvent the wheel here, since I am sure you can find every necessary information there 🙂

So what is the purpose of this post? Well, just to introduce the tool since I wasted some hours to debug the lumen 405 Method Not Allowed error just because of PHP opcode caches everything inside the route *__*. Poor me this case.

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