Free $10 credit from Vultr – Digital Ocean killer

Early this year, a new cloud service provider, Vultr, has been announced. Some people call this service as a “Digital Ocean killer”. Vult has been provided the same specs with DigitalOcean with more modern CPU and better price (Vultr provides a cloud KVM with 768M with $5 vs 512M with DigitalOcean). […]

Bash script to check if a service is running

In production sites, we normally need to ensure that everything must go fine. However, in many cases, some server services are terminated which causes your website broken/died. For example, sometimes hhvm goes down in my production server which cause my commercial system stop working. This is hurt and it affects […]

Recompile Nginx to add Nginx Push Stream Module

NginX is a very popular web server, and one of the most frequent need is add a new nginx module after installing it. This tutorial guides how to recompile nginx to add nginx push stream module on CentOS 6. First, we need to find out which is current nginx build […]

Setting up Nginx, HHVM, and Percona for Laravel

HHVM is an open-source virtual machine designed for executing programs written in Hack and PHP. HHVM uses a just-in-time (JIT) compilation approach to achieve superior performance while maintaining the development flexibility that PHP provides. This tutorial guides how to set up Nginx, HHVM, and Percona for Laravel Projects on Ubuntu. First, we need to update system […]

Optimizing Nginx for Video sites

Nginx is commonly used for static content, and in many cases, it is used for video streaming. This article metions how to optimize nginx for video sites. Weeks ago I was trying to work with an application to convert and play videos using nginx and php, like any other “tube” website. […]

Redirect to maintenance page with htaccess

When managing a website, there is many scenario we need to show the maintenance page to the end users. The cases might be when the website is upgrading, or facing some technical problems, or in development, etc. In this short tutorial, I will show how to redirect to maintenance page […]

Install syslog-ng to replace rsyslog in CentOS

The EPEL project (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) provides Red Hat Enterprise Linux and derivatives with additional high quality packages. Syslog-ng was available for EPEL5 for a long time and is now also added to EPEL6, which provides packages for RHEL6. CentOS is gaining a strong presence in web serving, as almost […]

How to manage Laravel projects with Git and BitBucket 2

Git, Laravel and BitBucket might be very popular in open source development world so I will not mention them again here. The purpose of this tutorial is pretty simple: we want to store all our project files into a remote BitBucket repository while can still maintain Laravel updates and other […]

Using PHP 5.4 5.5 with VirtualMin

VirtualMin is one of the most well-known free website control panel for *Nix users. However, their related software is quite out-dated. One of the most complaints when using Webmin is that the PHP version is still 5.3.3 (from 2010 *__*). So, this quick tutorial guides how to install PHP 5.4 […]

Set up a private Git Server on CentOS server

GitHub is a well-known git repository, but one limit is that it is not free for private git repository (cost $7/month this posting time). It means that your source code of an important project will also be available for your competitors one day. So this tutorial guides how to setup a […]