Upgrade to latest nginx on Debian

By default, Debian 7 comes with nginx 1.2.x which is a little bit out-dated. This short tutorial will introduce how to upgrade to latest nginx on Debian. First, add necessary wheezy-backports to the sources.list (/etc/apt/sources.list): [bash]deb http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian/ wheezy-backports main contrib non-free[/bash] Then, update with the new source: [bash]aptitude update aptitude -t wheezy-backports install […]

Cloud Backup Transfer with Mover.IO

All of us internet users might use at least one cloud service. However, do you think one nice day, your cloud service discontinues and all your files gone? Well, let say your Google Email account is terminated and all your documents/files are gone. It is really terrible. So the need of […]

Adding new IP block to SoYouStart Proxmox server

Today I purchased a new IP block from SoYouStart/OVH and would like to use the whole IP block for VMs. As I did use Proxmox for virtualization, utilizing the whole new IP block is quite easy as soon as every steps are followed. So I would like to note here […]

Get free $47 credit with RunAbove

RunAbove is a cloud service launched by OVH. Their VMs are based on SSD and located in both Canada and France. As they are pretty new, they are offering some sweet promotions. Follow the following steps will give you $47 free credit to use their services: Register with the following […]

Install SSL Certificate Properly

Many of us are using SSL for our sites. However, there is a big chance that we are not installing the SSL certificate to your web server properly. This might lead to some unwanted warning problems in some browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, or Mobile Phone browsers. In this tutorial, […]

Changing boot order after installing Proxmox on Debian

After installing Proxmox on a fresh Debian following the guide at Proxmox website, many will stuck in the step of “Make sure to select Proxmox VE Kernel on the boot loader (grub2) – Attention: Default is the 3.2 kernel”. The problem is that in many remote dedicated servers, there is […]

KVM virtualization on CentOS 7

This short tutorial will help you setup your CentOS 7 as a host for KVM virtualization via NAT IP. Using this method, we can install many VMs on CentOS 7 using only 1 IP as we did the same thing with Proxmox before. Preparation for Prerequisite softwares First, check if […]

CentOS 7 workaround

Switching from CentOS 6 to CentOS 7 might be a little pain for many users. The main reason is that in CentOS 7, there are several changes which make the end-users feel not comfortable.  This quick note will introduce some new way to do some regular commands in CentOS 7. […]

Nginx and osTicket 1.8 configuration

Recently when switching from Apache to Nginx for osTicket 1.8, I found that some functionality does not work properly. For example, when replying to customer’s via SCP, line break character does not display properly. In addition, some ajax-based features are not worked any more. After digging a little bit, I […]

Setup nginx, php-fpm 5.6, mariadb on CentOS 4

Setting up a good performance PHP-Stack is not a trivial work. We will need to choose which software is necessary for the stack based on some specific needs. Today I will guide how to setup nginx php-fpm 5.6 mariadb on CentOS server. Remove out-dated softwares [bash]yum remove -y httpd yum remove […]