Upgrade to latest Nginx and PHP-FPM on Ubuntu 16

Ubuntu 16 might be the most popular Ubuntu version (right now), so I put more effort on it. By default, the current Ubuntu 16.04 officially support PHP 7.0.x and Nginx 1.10.x versions. However as a crazy one who always wanna try latest releases, I cannot bear with it. So, below […]

GitLab docker on Ubuntu

Today I decided to move my self-hosted gitlab instance to Docker so that I will not need to reinstall and configure lots of things when migrating from one host to another host. So I blog this entry to note steps to install gitlab docker on Ubuntu. Install Docker CE (or […]

Server Monitoring with Zabbix

For a long time, I have stuck on many hosted monitoring softwares to avoid management effort on a self-hosted monitoring system. However, free stuffs cannot go long so I must move from services to services. This makes me tired! Thus I decided to return to a self-hosted solution so that […]

React Native – Beginner’s Notes

Introduction As when I started working on React more than 1 year ago, I faced many noob issues that I think many newbies will also struggle with. Several weeks ago, I enter the React Native world, and I have been learning as a newbie again. As I do not have […]

Hadoop A Beginner’s Note

 NameNode (NN) NN holds the metadata of the files in HDFS, maintains the entire metadata in RAM It is important to run NN from a machine that has lots of RAM at its disposal. The higher the number of files in HDFS, the higher the consumption of RAM In case the […]

Create a new VM from KVM disk in Proxmox

Today I restored a Cloudera disk to Proxmox KVM to try out this excellent big data open source. I think the procedure is not hard, but it is quite verbose and it might take time to find out where to find each option. So I decided to note here the […]

Docker – Beginner’s Notes

Well, after a year returning to Docker, I can still be considered as a beginner since I forgot almost things that I did before :shame: So this entry, Docker – Beginner’s Notes, is just a way that helps me in the future (hopefully). Useful commands to remember: docker images, docker ps […]

Validate a Let’s encrypt certificates on CloudFlare-enabled websites

In this quick tutorials, I will mention a method to Auto-Renew / Validate a Let’s encrypt certificates on CloudFlare-enabled websites. As you may know, if you use CloudFlare for DNS/CDN purposes, then you cannot access to several server ports for Let’s Encrypt to validate the certification request. So in this […]

Upgrading Percona XtraDB Cluster

Guide can be found at https://www.percona.com/doc/percona-xtradb-cluster/5.7/howtos/upgrade_guide.html. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. I am too lazy to do it. Issue 1: If you are running mysql_upgrade and face the following error: “mysql_upgrade: [ERROR] 1136: Column count doesn’t match value count at row 1”, just do as follows: Clone https://github.com/mysql/mysql-sys and […]

Setting up ReactJS Development environment with Babel and WebPack

This quick guide is to help you setup ReactJS Development environment with Babel and WebPack. The post is mostly copied from Source: https://www.codementor.io/reactjs/tutorial/beginner-guide-setup-reactjs-environment-npm-babel-6-webpack. I post it here for later personal reference. Let’s start from scratch Create a new folder ‘react-hello-world’ and initialize it with npm. [bash]mkdir react-hello-world cd react-hello-world npm init[/bash] […]