Install PHP 5.5 with OpCache and Google PageSpeed

This tutorial guides step-by-step on how to install most recent/most updated versions of a regular PHP stack. This comprises PHP 5.5 with OpCache, Percona 5.6 server and Google PageSpeed for Apache HTTPD Import needed repo for PHP 5.5:[bash]rpm -Uvh rpm -Uvh [/bash] Install PHP 5.5 and related softwares:[bash]yum […]

Install StartSSL certificate to Webmin

This guide provide step-by-step on how to install StartSSL certificate to Webmin so that we can access to the Wemin Control Panel with a signed https address. First, if the private key is created by StartSSL and password-protected, we should decrypt it:[bash]openssl rsa -in -out[/bash] Combined private keys […]