Install Percona in CentOS

percona-logoThis tutorial helps you install percona server in CentOS as a replacement for MySQL server. According to Percona, Their “MySQL service clients and open source software users achieve breakthrough results with MySQL: cost savings, faster time to market, higher system up-time, and long-term scalability. MySQL performance is a focus for all that we do”.

  1. If we do have MySQL server installed on the server, it is better to install the same percona server version so that ALL data can be kept in tact.
  2. Setup Percona yum Repository:[bash]$ rpm -Uhv[/bash]
  3. If we do have mysql installed with php-mysql extension before, just remove it:[bash]$ yum remove mysql-libs[/bash]
  4. Install Percona server and client software:[bash]$ yum install –nogpgcheck Percona-Server-client-55 Percona-Server-server-55[/bash]
  5. Re-install php-mysql library:[bash]$ yum install mysql-libs[/bash]

    . If mysql and php is installed using remi repository, remember to use

    [bash]$ yum –enablerepo=remi install mysql-libs[/bash]


  6. One important thing to remember: Percona use the service named mysql, not mysqld as MySQL server. So when starting the mysql service, remember to use[bash]$ service mysql start[/bash]

That’s all. Happy performance tuning with Percona server 🙂

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