2024 New Year Resolutions

This year, I’m excited to revive my blog with regular posts about my adventures in technology. My 2024 new year resolutions are diverse and ambitious:

  1. Elevating our Software Company: As a member of the BOM, my primary focus will be steering our software company towards profitability.
  2. Running Challenges: I aim to participate in at least two official half-marathon events. Additionally, I plan to maintain a consistent running schedule, targeting three runs per week, accumulating 15-20 kilometers.
  3. Finish the “Deep Learning Specialization” that I’ve just embarked
  4. Cultivating Positive Habits: I intend to introduce at least 1 beneficial habit into my routine, such as meditation.
  5. Do at least 2 blog entries/month for this blog 🙂
  6. Be responsible for investment, be more careful with money spending. Do some simulation before investing on sth.
  7. Financial Milestones: My financial objectives include either reducing my mortgage debt by the end of the year or making a significant new purchase.

I may add more goals as the year progresses. As we wrap up this year, I extend my warmest wishes to everyone who stumbles upon my blog. May your 2024 be filled with peace, health, and happiness.

About NhocConan

A super lazy guy who tries to write tech blog entries in English.He is lazy, so he can only write when he is in a good mood or when he is tired of coding.

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