Free $10 credit from Vultr – Digital Ocean killer

vultrEarly this year, a new cloud service provider, Vultr, has been announced. Some people call this service as a “Digital Ocean killer”. Vult has been provided the same specs with DigitalOcean with more modern CPU and better price (Vultr provides a cloud KVM with 768M with $5 vs 512M with DigitalOcean). Main features are:

12 worldwide locations

  • Pure SSD powered
  • Starting from $5 a month with 768M RAM, 15G SSD, 1 CPU @3+ Ghz
  • They double the first time credit (so in case you deposit $100, they will double to $200)
  • Owned by Choopa/Constant with very reliable network
  • You can refer a ServerBear benchmark for their lowest plan for more information

Vultr recently provides the $10 trial promotion at Just please be noted that in order to receive this $10 promotion, you must have a valid credit card and Vultr will charge total less than 0.2 usd in the card for validation purpose.

UPDATE: For new account, use gift code GIVEME10 to get extra $10 free credit .

UPDATE: For new account, use gift code SSDVPS to get extra $20 free credit.

REGISTER HERE to receive free $10 credit. You will need to fund $5 to get $10 in account, and input GIVEME10 as a giftcode to get extra $10. So when depositing $5, you have an account of $20 🙂

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