Earn Money with your idle PC – CPU with Digital Generation

DigitalGenerationToday I will not post anything relates to development work. However, I will guide an easy way to earn money with your idle pc with DigitalGeneration. The earning for free might not be a high number (approximately $1/day), but it worth trying to have a new income steadily :-). Steps are as follows:

  1. Register for a new account at DigitalGeneration. Just enter name, email, and password to register.
  2. After registration, you will need to activate your account. Activation steps are as follows:
    1. First, Login to your account by clicking on the top menu.
    2. Then, go to account Profile (Click on Personal >> Profile)
    3. Input your phone number (e.g. 84 935XXXXXX) and then Save.
    4. You will need to call to the phone number listed in the Profile Page to validate the account. Remember to put country code when making call (remember to add + before the number)
  3. After your account is verified, you can start earning money by downloading the software to your PC. Some notes about this software:
    1. You can see most useful information on the Stats tab.
    2. You can change the CPU Utilization on Settings tab. It is set to 10% your CPU by default.
    3. Do not try to register multiple accounts in the same IP address. Otherwise, you will be banned. Read their FAQs to have some basic understanding about their term of service.

NOTE: DO NOT INVEST any money to buy more threads in this website until you get paid enough to re-invest. Just be noted that these kinds of online businesses can become scam anytime, so do not spend / invest money on them. Just try it and get some bucks gradually. It is my suggestion, it is up to you to decide though.

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